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ShenZhen University Psychological Association

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 06:59

Shenzhen University Psychological Association is the association which services the students of Shenzhen University.

SzPsy is the Web-base system for the students learn anything about Psychology, is a web space for the students talk about each other, is the channel to advise psychological problems.

The site includes features, both open to the public and behind the scenes, which give SzPsy the tools they need to manage a large content management system and allow users to easily browse information website and easily get the advice of the problem:

  • A powerful web-based back-end forum management system allows SzPsy to frequently and easily update the information.
  • User-friendly design make users can import their problem at the SzPsy.
  • An intuitive three-tier navigation system enables visitors to quickly browse Szpsy’ large inventory.
  • A content management system gives SzPsy the ability to link information from their online version of their Planting Guide to browse the Needed information

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